Employing asana and pranayama,  classes explore how mind, body and breath work hand in hand to appease the ever-moving content of consciousness to the point where one may recognize its source.

Asana is an intentional postural practice exploring expression of essence through matter. Engaging in a sequence of poses (vinyasa) gives one a chance to experience oneself in a multitude of forms while remaining in a pose for a time allows for a maturation process of realizing oneself as that shape.
Pranayama is a breathing practice leading to absorption. It sensitizes the body and mind to the flow of the life force. Pranayama sharpens the observation, refines the senses, frees one from judgement, and refreshes one’s perspective.
Yoga can help with physical symptoms such as nervous tension and unconscious repressive or aggressive patterns. In general Yoga encourages the influx of love and its triumph over fear.